Consultations (15 min.)      Free

Acupuncture Initial               $85

Follow Up Visits                    $65

In Home Acu Visits                 $105 w/ setup or Initial, $85 w/o setup

the insertion of very fine, almost hair thin, sterile, one time use needles into acupoints

Herbs                                          $10 - $25

plants and minerals that have healing properties

Herbal Consultation Only   $45 

the cost of your herbs is a separate fee-see above 

CM based bodywork             $105 for 1hr                                                    

the manipulation of soft tissues on acupoints or along acupuncture channels CM (Chinese Medicine) 

Cupping Only                          $45

the application of cups, glass or plastic, with negative pressure

Energy work   

medical qigong-a Chinese medicine based energy treatment similar to reiki 

$15 Discount for multiple patients treated per initial session, community style (2 or more)
$10 Discountfor multiple patients treated per subsequent session, community style (2 or more)

Treatments are by appointment only.  Please call 512-785-3935.


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